Parish Council Responsibilities

  • Street lighting – On 1st April 2017, responsibility for all street light maintenance in Rutland passed to Rutland County Council, when all streetlights were replaced with energy efficient lighting. The Parish Council makes an annual contribution towards the energy costs for the street lighting. Any problems with streetlights can be reported to Rutland County Council here.
  • Burial Ground – the Parish Council provides and administers the burial ground at Munday’s Close. Plots are available for burial and cremated remains. The area is maintained by our grass-cutting contractor. Please contact the Parish Clerk for more information about the burial ground.
  • Allotments – allotments are provided on the Munday’s Close site and administered by the Langham Gardener’s Association. Please contact the Langham Gardener’s Association for more information on allotment plots.
  • Planning – The Parish Council receives, from Rutland County Council, all planning applications for Langham. The Parish Council cannot approve or refuse any application but can comment and provide advice and opinion in line with the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Maintaining a tidy village – the Parish Council provides dog waste bins around the village and pays for these to be emptied weekly.
  • Grass cutting – the Parish Council is responsible for the cutting of all grass on Parish land, including the play area and burial ground.
  • Play area – the play area and playing field at Munday’s Close are provided and maintained by the Parish Council. A formal annual safety check (RoSPA) is completed and the area is inspected weekly by a member of the Parish Council.

Where do we get our funding from?

Annually, the Parish Council requests a sum of money – ‘the precept’, from Rutland County Council. This is collected from Council Tax. The money is used to fund the services listed above and to continue to improve and maintain Langham for the community.