Update of Langham Neighbourhood Plan - YOUR VIEWS PLEASE

Below are 23 new Policies that the LNP Steering Group has drafted.

We now need as many members of the community as possible to tell us whether we have got them right.

We don’t expect you to comment on every Policy, only on those that interest you.

  • Select a Policy in which you are interested from the list below and read it through.
  • If you agree with what is written, then do nothing more and move on to the next Policy you wish to read.
  • If you feel we have not got it quite right, write a comment in the box and THEN PRESS ‘SEND’ Failure to press ‘send ‘after your comment means it will be erased when you move to another page or Policy.

Because our system makes you ‘send’ your responses one Policy at a time it allows you to:

  1. have a break between Policies - if you prefer not to look at all Policies you are interested in at once;
  2. add something to a comment you have already sent - just go to the Policy again and send another comment. We will receive, and record, both comments (but we will be unable to tell they came from the same person as this activity is deliberately anonymous).

Thank you for your help – without it the reviewed Langham Neighbourhood Plan would not be accepted by the National Assessor.



Policy SG1: Housing Allocation

Policy SG2a: Meeting Housing Needs

Policy SG2b: Gypsy & Traveller Sites

Policy SG3: Site Allocation

Policy SG4: Climate Change and Flooding



Policy BD1: Buildings & Materials

Policy BD2:  Housing Density & Layout

Policy BD3a: Water Quality & Management

Policy BD3b: Promoting Broadband Access

Policy BD4: Energy Efficient Construction

Policy BD5: Architectural Features



Policy CH1: Conservation Area

Policy CH2: Sites of Historical Importance

Policy CH3: Sites of Archaeological Importance



Policy RS1: Landscape Character

Policy RS2: Development in the Countryside

Policy RS3: Energy Generation in the Countryside

Policy RS4a: Green Separation Zone

Policy RS4b: Wildlife Buffer Zone

Policy RS5: Biodiversity



Policy VC1: Important Open Green Spaces

Policy VC2: Gardens and Verges

Policy VC3: Street Character