Preparation for meeting with RCC Highways

A meeting between Cllrs Lucy Stephenson (Highways) and Oliver Hemsley, Robyn Green (Highways Dept) and Langham Traffic Group was held at Langham Village Hall and on site along the A606.

This is the document the Traffic Team used to prepare for that meeting

30 Sep 2019 pre-meeting in advance of meeting with RCC on Mon 14 Oct 2019.
Present PO, CN, BL

Discussion items on 30 Sep 19 and possible agenda for meeting on Mon 14 Oct 2019.

  • Agreement to record meeting on Mon 14 Oct 2019
  • Start of meeting.
    • Seek confirmation that RCC have open mind approach.
    • Also highlight what we believe to be breach of RCC Core Strategy line regarding safety.
  • Provide brief summary of background to issue. Use Langham document Nov 17 and RCC response as basis. Essentially comes down to 3 main issues:
    • Large volume of traffic using A606. Circa 9,800 vehicles per day average, >12,000 vehicles on busiest day, circa 1,000 vehicles per hour (bi-directional) at peak times.
    • Challenging lay out within the village making crossing more difficult. Factors include 2 x 90 deg bends requiring very wide arch of visual scan, limited line of site shortening safe time to cross road, complex Burley Road junction with pedestrians facing traffic from 4 directions (A606 x 2, Burley Road, Bridge street), 60mph to 30mph transition at North of village.
    • Fear. Pedestrians are frightened to cross A606 due to combination of above leading to a divided community. Pedestrian movements are suppressed as a result. Government document 2/95 on crossing design highlights additional care required for pedestrian refuges located near junctions on bends – which backs up subjective reports from pedestrians.
  • Outline additional evidence since original submission Nov 17.
    • Growth in traffic. Traffic levels risen from circa 7,500 in 2014 9,800 in 2019 (see Langham Neighborhood Plan and RCC response document). Pedestrian refuge was depicted in photo circa 2006 – and was therefore designed for much lower traffic levels.
      • Relevant to this is growth in Langham (Cold Overton x 3 houses, further houses forecasted for Cold Overton Road, growth in Ranksborough). Also Melton bypass confirmed.
    • Comparison with other crossing sites (some new).
      • 4 x crossings on Burley road, 2 x crossing on A606. Pedestrian safety was clearly considered problematic at these sites hence the crossings – Langham situation is worse. See map of Oakham crossings.
    • Recap measures taken by RCC thus far. Work was appreciated. However, ‘Sticking plaster’ was not effective and so Langham request was not fulfilled.
      • Regarding recent RCC emails:
        • Refuge modification is not working. Scuff marks on new pavement section confirm it is being clipped. BL to show photo.
        • No subjective survey of Langham residents done. This was required when undertaking 1/95 assessment and must take into account suppression.
        • White lines on Burley Road not effective
        • Pelican crossing location is feasible – as RCC’s own document describes.
      • Therefore Langham traffic group concludes claims made by RCC cannot be substantiated and issue is not resolved.
        • Do RCC acknowledge that their own response was not substantiated - as shown above? If not, why not?
      • Aims of Langham Traffic Group at RCC meeting. Questions requiring clear answers.
        • Do RCC acknowledge that there is a safety issue that needs addressing in Langham?
          • If yes, do RCC recognise that Langham needs two crossings or one crossing and pavement extension.
          • If yes, do RCC acknowledge measures thus far are ‘sticking plaster’?
          • If yes, what are the barriers to this? Does it come down to money?
          • If no, do RCC accept full liability for pedestrian personal injury should it arise?
        • Do RCC acknowledge issue has grown since evidence submitted 2017 e.g. Melton Bypass, growth in Langham, evidence of increasing traffic numbers.
        • Unless agreeing to meaningful works, do RCC agree that subjective survey needs to be done?
          • Achieve clarity on how / when subjective and objective assessment will be done re: Langham pedestrian crossing.
      • Establish next steps
        • What / when / how
        • If assessment shows no impact from pedestrian crossing modification, what options do we have?
          • Langham opinion is crossing is required. Issue is where?
          • Langham document demonstrated Melton Road is suitable place for crossing.
          • Consideration of pavements along West side A606 may allow only one crossing.
        • Also discuss Oakham / Langham bypass