Traffic Incident Reporting Form

Help us compile evidence of the danger of traffic at the A606/Burley Rd Junction.


It is becoming more and more obvious to us in Langham Parish Council (LPC) that it is only a matter of time before there is a serious or even fatal accident at the junction of the A606 and Burley Rd, and we need your help to try to do something to prevent it.

In the past we have engaged Rutland County Council on the matter and, whilst they have instigated some improvements – extended central reservation, cross hatching at the corner – there are still too many near misses and dangerous driving incidents.

RCC also carried out a traffic survey a few years ago at our behest and concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support the investment necessary to find a safer crossing method/location.

So, our job, as a community, is to generate the necessary data to change their minds.

What we can do.

We need formally to record all accidents, near-accidents and dangerous driving instances at this crossing and junction – this includes ones in the past that you can recall sufficiently well, and, of course, all those you witness or experience from now over the next year.

Your help please.

Inform Langham Parish Council immediately. We, in turn, will pass the complaint on formally to Rutland County Council and to our local Police Officer, Constable Laurie Appleton (you can, of course, contact PC Appleton direct if you feel it necessary – but please also tell us at LPC).

For those of you without a computer, please drop the details of the incident (times, dates, number plate and description) to Parish Councillor Pat Ovington at 7 Sharrad Way, Langham LE15 7JY.


Please notify the police direct if the incident is serious.


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