Solar Farm PLanning Application 2019/1249/MAF

Langham Parish Council has strongly recommended REFUSAL of the Planning Application 2019/1249/MAF for a Solar Farm in Langham. Below you will find a copy of LPC’s response.

The consultation period closed on 6th January 2020 at which time there were 50+ objections on the RCC website.

We understand that RCC can either

  • Refuse the application under delegated powers, in which case the developers will have to think again
  • Recommend Approval of the application, in which case it will have to go before the full RCC Planning Committee for discussion and a vote.

At this meeting, should it occur, the more people who attend to demonstrate the strength of opinion, the better.

The only means available to us of keeping the community appraised of the progress of this application is via this website, via LPC’s Facebook page, via and via posters that we will put around the village. We will also use Langham News when its publication is timely enough.

So please keep watch and we will keep you fully informed.

Please can we ask you to recognise those of your neighbours who may not have access to the website or Facebook or be able to walk the village and see the posters – and keep them informed on our behalf. Thank you.

Finally, we recognise that not everyone in Langham learned about this Planning Application in time to respond. This is because

  1. Elgin submitted the Planning Application without giving LPC any forewarning, thus reducing our chance of organising a communication meeting or flyer delivery.
  2. Furthermore they timed the submission to coincide with the lead up to Christmas when people’s attention and availability was scarce.


You can see the full response to the planning application here - LPC Final Response

Covering letter to RCC - Covering Letter to RCC

Appendix 1 - Appendix 1

Appendix 2 - Appendix2

Appendix 3 - Appendix3

Appendix 4 - Appendix 4

Appendix 5 - Appendix 5

Appendix 6 - Appendix 6

Appendix 7 - Appendix 7

Appendix 8 - Appendix 8

Appendix 9 - Appendix 9

Appendix 10 - Appendix 10

Appendix 0 - Appendix 0 - Visual Impact