Part 2: Additional comments offered against set questions

(the number beside the comment tells how people made it

(square brackets [] indicates my words to clarify )


Q0. Are you in support of a solar farm in Langham.

  • Not so close to village. Not so big. Rest filled in assuming it might go ahead
  • In principle
  • Yes, But not if land is at wrong grade
  • Better than wind turbine
  • Yes, but only if smaller [plus other conditions]

Q1a.Is this location fully acceptable?

  • not if land is agricultural
  • It's OK
  • 3a or 3b? Not if land is agricultural
  • How do we know what other locations are viable
  • Yes if land really is 3b, otherwise no

Q1b. Is there a better location?

  • Woolfox/ by side of A1/airfields – 15
  • Brownfield Site 13
    • Brownfield site in Rutland 1
  • St Geoge’s/ N. Luffenham base   8
  • Somewhere not near a village /population 8
  • Don’t know/ not qualified to say/? 5
  • On industrial land/quarries   3
  • Not in Langham/somewhere else 3
  • To the west slightly 1
  • 20 acres south of landing strip only 1
  • Ashwell Road 1
  • Langham Racing Yard 1
  • Out of view of public road 1
  • Smaller 1
  • Must be somewhere 1

Q2d. Is the size too big?

  • NONE/zero/If at all/ none in this location 9
  • Not in Langham 1
  • Much too big 20acres/5MW max 1
  • If the land is not agricultural the one suggested at the meeting that doesn't impact on bypass [60acres/15MW]
  • This one less impact 1
  • Depends where it is 1
  • Out of view 1

Q3a. Is it acceptable to take this land out of food production?

  • Use [grade] 3a [for agriculture] – shouldn’t be built on
  • We don't know what crops are grown here
  • reduced amount

Q3b. Is it acceptable to lose this countryside for 30 years?

  • Yes if 5MW/smaller option/reduced acreage 3

Q4d. Should the preferred route of Langham Bypass be protected?

  • Definitely [yes]/ not negotiable 3
  • Some footpaths already diverted RCC approve 1

Q5a&b. Should legal guarantees be sought beforehand; Should discussion be held with LPC beforehand [before Planning Application submitted]?

  • It simply should not go ahead 1
  • Not applicable [person said no to project] 1
  • Special care required ref consequences of selling on 1

Q6b. If [size] too big what size should it be?

  • Percentage of profit 7
  • Not realistic to quote a value/not sure; need to understand profits involved 2
  • Plus inflation 1
  • As much as you can get 1
  • CBF far too small 1
  • Happy to accept less if site reduced in size 1
  • Average rate per MW per acre per year 1
  • No opinion 2
  • ? 1