Langham Village Design Statement

The Langham Village Design Statement was prepared by a group of Langham residents, with the support of the Parish Council, Rutland County Council, the Annual Parish Meeting, many local societies and the Leicestershire and Rutland Rural Community Council.

There is strong representation of the views of local residents, which were sought at every stage in exhibitions and workshops, and from over fifty responses to a survey circulated to every house in the village. The first draft and its guide lines were presented at a further exhibition in November 2001 and the responses that we received were consolidated and incorporated into the final publication.

Our intention has been to provide informed and impartial guidance, based on the views of as broad a cross-section of the local community as possible, on those aspects of the local environment that should be considered by people whose proposals would affect it.

We have not sought unanimity. Langham's population is as diverse as its architecture; we would not want to change that.

Read the Langham in Rutland Village Design Statement

In 2012 it was decided to create a new Neighbourhood Plan to reinforce the VDS.

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