Planning Applications Within Langham

The Parish Council receives, from Rutland County Council, all planning applications for Langham. The Parish Council cannot approve or refuse any application but can comment, and provide advice and opinion in line with the Neighbourhood Plan and recommend whether it should be approved or refused. Ultimately it is the Planning Team at RCC who makes the decision.

You can find out which planning applications have been seen by Langham Parish Council by referring to the latest Langham Parish Council Minutes – here you can find the number of the application, an outline of what work is proposed, and whether LPC has recommended approval or refusal.

If you wish to learn more about a particular planning application - for example details of the application, the wording of LPC’s response or the final decision of RCC- go to RCC’s website : then go to 'view planning applications and decisions'. Go to Search for Planning Application and enter the application number as noted in LPC minutes (NB. Omit the year, so for application 2021/1234/ABC only enter 1234/ABC)