Traffic Group

The efforts of a small group of residents and a Parish Councillor (know as the Traffic Team) continue in order to try to get further improvements to the A606, such that it can, at least, be crossed safely - which is not the case at present.

RCC are working with us on this and are carrying out a Traffic Survey in the w/c 11th November. The results of this survey will be taken into account when RCC decide on what further, if anything, needs to be done to the A606 in Langham. We understand that RCC will also be carrying out a survey of all householder to assess people's feeling and opinions about the safety of the A606 through our village. This provides a 'softer' more subjective measure to add to the 'harder' more objective data from the Traffic Survey.We will let you know when that is due to happen - and the results will also add to Langham's case for crossing improvements.