A new and much more modern defibrillator has been installed and paid for by the Parish Council to replace the 10-year old model located on the wall of the Village Hall. The new cabinet looks slightly different and incorporates insulation and a low voltage electrical supply but is still accessed using a PIN code lock. The other defibrillator in the village, at Ranksborough Park (on the back of a pillar at the top of the drive, right hand side), is unchanged as it is still within its operational life .

A Defibrillator Awareness Session has been arranged for Saturday afternoon 9th December at 3.00pm in the Village Hall. The 2-hour session run by The Community Heartbeat Trust is designed to give basic information on defibrillators , stress the importance of CPR, answer questions and create confidence in the use of a Defibrillator. Defibrillators are easy to use and completely safe to be used by ordinary non-trained people following the clear vocal instructions and in the case of our new defibrillator there is also a screen showing you what to do and giving CPR guidance. Please check on the websites of the Village Hall and the Parish Council for any changes of the timing of the Awareness Session in the event of bad weather for instance. 

In view of the importance of CPR, it is hoped to organise early in the new year a practical drop-in session in the use of CPR.