Langham Parish Council

Notice and summons to attend Parish Council meeting
Tuesday 25th February 2020 at 7:30pm
at Langham Village Hall.

All welcome



  1. Parishoner's representations:
    •  Parishoners are invited to make representations on any items of business on the agenda.
  2. Welcome.
  3. Apologies and approval of absences.
  4. To receive declarations of members's interests and consider dispensations.
  5. To approve minutes of last meeting held on 28th January 2020:
    • a. Accuracy
    • b. Other Ammendments
  6. Matters Arising:
    • a. Actions from last meeting not separately listed on this agenda.
  7. Clerk's Report - For Information only.
  8. Correspondence
  9. Allotments
    • a. Update of lease
    • b. Allotment boundary - to decide action to be taken
  10. Play area update
  11. Proposal that LPC agree to authorise £10,000 match funding to support funding bids for the play area, to be completed without further reference to Parish Council.
  12. Proposal that should bids for funding not be successful within 3 months the CIL payments received (£20,000) be used to improve and repair the play area.
  13. Hedge and Tree maintenance - update
  14. Proposal to fund and install a grit bin outside Langham Village Hall
  15. Proposal to form an IT and Communications Committee
  16. To decide whether edging of Munday's Close woodland paths with fallen branches is permissible with respect to HSE
  17. Prioritisation of projects
  18. Proposal; LPC will, on occasion, endeavour to gather the views of the community using well publicised Public Meetings or Flyer drops through every door (this may, down the line, also include Survey Monkey on the website, or use of those who signed up for LPC Lookout). The opinions of those who choose to respond will inform the position LPC takes and it will be assumed that the  'Silent Majority' has, for whatever reason, chosen not to have their views considered.
  19. Traffic:
    • a. Proposal to set up a Traffic Committee
    • b. To agree terms of reference for the Traffic Committee
    • c. Community Spped Watch
  20. Planning matters:.
    • a. To receive planning applications and decisions since last meeting
    • b. Any other planning business
  21. To propose items for next meeting - Tuesday 31st March 2020
  22. AOB.

Helen Duckering, Parish Clerk, 17th February 2020