Langham Parish Council

Notice and summons to attend Parish Council meeting
Tuesday 27th September 2022 at 7:30pm
via ZOOM

All welcome



  1. Parishoner's representations:
    •  Parishoners are invited to make representations on any items of business on the agenda.
  2. Welcome.
  3. Apologies and approval of absences.
  4. To receive declarations of members's interests and consider dispensations.
  5. To co-opt two Parish Councillors
  6. To approve minutes of last meeting held on 19th July 2022:
    • a. Accuracy.
    • b. Other Ammendments.
  7. Matters Arising:
    • a. Actions from last meeting not separately listed on this agenda.
  8. Clerk's Report - For Information only.
    • Codde of Conduct training
    • Conclusion of Audit 2021/22
    • Training
  9. Correspondence
    • Cllr. Powell response to Langham Parish Council letter of complaint to RCC regarding RCC Planning Committee process when approving Langton Homes development.
    • Burial ground - removal of decorations
    • Damage to village pump fence
    • RCC Tree planting - Melton Road
    • Letters of complaint - Fairfield Close building work
    • Letters of complaint - Extraction of water from the brook
    • Rutland CAB - Request for a Parish Councillor to become a member
    • Repairs to burial ground bench
  10. Burial Ground project - update
  11. Parish Council communication
  12. To receive annual Community Park Inspection report
  13. Finance
    • a. To approve financial summary and bank reconcilliation
  14. Planning matters:.
    • a. To receive planning applications and decisions since last meeting.
    • b. Update on planning matters - Cllr. Maskelll
    • c  Neighbourhood Plan review
  15. Community Park inspections - October & November
  16. AOB.


Helen Duckering, Parish Clerk, 21st September 2022


Topic: Langham Parish Council meeting
Time: September 27, 2022 07:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 831 3321 4481
Passcode: 260151


Alternatively, the meeting can be accessed by telephone on one of the following numbers:

 0203 481 5240

 0131 460 1196

 0203 051 2874

 0203 481 5237   

Members of the public will be invited to speak before the meeting only and will then be observers.