Community Park Refurbishment July 2021

The Community Park has now been open for a few days and we are delighted to see so many people of all ages enjoying the new equipment.

We still haven’t managed to get a small minority of people to understand that litter should go into litter bins, and some people still feel that if their dog is sitting quietly under a pic-nic table it is OK - it isn’t. Dogs must either be tied within the designated Dog Zone, or kept out of the park completely.

These issues, we are sure , will sort themselves out as we all take collective pride in a facility that few villages can boast.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Grand Opening Picnic in the Park on Saturday July 24th at 12.30. This will be a bring-your-own picnic event due to Covid restrictions but we hope many will make the effort to join us to thank those that made this renovation possible and to enjoy talking with friend and neighbours from the whole parish whilst having a go on as many of the new pieces of equipment as possible.


Community Park refurbishment - June 21

We've been lucky with deliveries, weather and work rate, and find we can now open the Langham Community Park on July 10th

As you may know we are in the process of improving the layout and facilities available to Langham at Munday’s Close playing field. We want it to be an area not just for children, but where everyone will want to congregate as there will be something there for all ages and abilities. For this reason we will re-brand the playing field area as ‘Langham Community Park’.

FCC Communities Foundation LogoThis venture is only possible due to the grant of £54.5k made to us by FCC Communities Foundation and a further £20k made available from Langham Parish Council funds. We would like formally to thank FCC Communities Foundation for their generosity.

HAGS LogoTo select the best supplier that this money could provide we asked six highly reputable companies to submit bids. All were excellent and showed a real understanding of what we wanted from our new Community Park, and this made the task of selecting just one extremely difficult. In the end we chose to partner with a company called HAGS who we believe will give us slightly more value for our money.

In order to carry out this work we will need to close the playing field from Monday 21 June to Saturday 10 July 2021.

We appreciate that this is not ideal – having been locked down with Covid, we are all anxious to get out and enjoy activities that have been on hold for so long. However, we hope you will appreciate that a relatively short period of closure will be more than worth it when you see the new Community Park.

Please keep watching the website for updates on this project.

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