Traffic Reporting on the A606

It is now 5 weeks since we asked you all to start reporting near misses and dangerous driving on the A606 – especially near the school.

We have received 11 reports – 7 of near misses, 3 of dangerous driving and one expression of concern. These we have sent to Inspector Danvers of Leicestershire Police (copy our PC Laurie Appleton) and to Cllr Lucy Stephenson (Traffic and Highways, RCC), copy our County Councillor, Oliver Hemsley.

We plan to send a similar summary every 4-5 weeks – or more frequently we get a lot more reports.

Our hope is that with robust and significant formal evidence of the risk to people crossing the A606 we may stand a chance, in the future, of a meaningful investment, by RCC, in a safe crossing point. Please keep reporting all incidents on the website.