Langton Homes on Cold Overton Road.

Despite three county councillors of the RCC Planning Committee fighting for Langham, permission was GRANTED for 50 houses to be built beside the 18 houses that already have permission. As you know, with no Rutland Local Plan, we are exposed to Presumption in Favour of Development which means Rutland County Council has no legal argument to fight such an application.

We hoped that the Langham Neighbourhood Plan would be used to inform their ultimate decision but it was decided that, despite all Langham's efforts to get the LNP made quickly, it was not far enough along to carry any weight in law.

A condition of this permission was that there would be a 20m buffer zone between Ranksborough and the new development, and new homes closest to Ranksborough would be single storey. The development will share vehicular and pedestrian access with the 18-house development next door and will also provide a footpath from the vehicular entrance of the development to join with the existing footpath on the north side of Cold Overton Rd - necessitating the narrowing of the road  to single lane traffic across the bridge at the entrance to the two developments

Langton Homes has already agreed to establish a Zebra Crossing over the A606 near the Well St Junction to enable pedestrians exiting via The Range to cross the A606 safely. In light of this addition footfall, it would be sensible to insist that this crossing should be a Pelican Crossing (light controlled).

Our job now is to work with the developers to ensure the very best for Langham from these developments.

Bridleway through Ranksborough

There are plans by RCC to create a new bridleway linking the E153 (that joins Cold Overton Rd from the south) and the D85 (which crosses Ranksborough Hill). This plan requires the opening up of an ancient footpath which runs from the vehicular entrance to the two Langton Homes Developments on Cold Overton Rd., along the main road of The Park in Ranksborough, passes in front of Ranksborough Hall and then out at the entrance to Lonsborough Gardens into open countryside. There, a new path will be cut to join the D85 (the latter being a footpath at present and so needing to be upgraded to a bridlewway).

We, as a Parish Council representing the community of Langham, are in favour of circular bridleways - as stated in the 2017 Langham Neighbourhood Plan. However, we have objected strongly to this proposal because it is dangerous for horses (200m of the route is along Cold Overton Rd, and into the newly planned junction and road narrowing for Langton Homes), it invades the privacy and threatens the security of residents of The Park, it is a potential hazard to residents of Ranksbourough  where there are no pavements and horse manure will litter the main roads, and the new D85 seems to cut right through the planned Solar Farm (which received permission based on the D85 being re-routed). A final concern is that whilst, in law, an ancient footpath can be re-opened, even if not used for decades, there is no law that says this footpath can then be upgraded to a bridleway.

We have proposed an alternative to RCC where the E153 south of Cold Overton Road is diverted slightly to come out opposite the entrance to Ranksborough Farm, and then use the existing route running up the eastern edge of the proposed Solar Farm, that is used by horses already. This will also require RCC to discuss with Elgin (the developers of the Solar Farm) the precise route to Ranksborough Hill from there.