50 house Development Cold Overton Rd.

As you know Langton Homes applied for planning permission for a 50 home development in the field next door to the 18-house development. It was refused by the Planning Committee, despite a recommendation from the Planning Officer that it be approved, by a very narrow margin, 5:4 , on March 15th.

Subsequently Langton Homes has appealed, saying the decision was unlawful. The Planning Committee has convened a special meeting on April 28th to review their decision in light of that appeal.

With the Langham Neighbourhood Plan, our only weapon to fight developers right now, being caught up in the endless red tape and bureaucracy, any consideration that the Planning Committee gives to this document in reaching their decision on the 28th is likely to be minimal.

Langham Parish Council can play no part in the proceedings on the 28th

LPC PLanning Committee