Latest on Langham Neighbourhood Plan 2022.

On April 4h the Submitted Draft of the Langham Neighbourhood Plan 2022 was sent to Rutland County Council.

The next step is for RCC Cabinet to ratify it and grant permission for it to go forward to the next stage, consultation with stakeholders and the public, which they will do at their May Cabinet Meeting.

A few days after that it will be in the public arena for six weeks for everyone to read and comment on. You can access all of the documents below.

The final few stages after that are:

1. Make amendments that come from the consultation

2.  National Assessor passes the document (or asks for some modifications before passing it)

3. To referendum

And then it will be ready for use in the latter stages of this year.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get this far - fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly .