RCC Parish Briefing Jan 2020

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Crossing the A606

Attached is a questionnaire, sent by RCC at LPC's suggestion, to test how many people in Langham avoid crossing the A606, or are fearful of doing so, because it is dangerous. The data collected will add to measures RCC have already made of volume of traffic and number of people actually using the existing crossing point near Burley Road. This to help RCC ascertain whether we need a Pelican Crossing as shown.

It is targeted at those south of Melton Rd and along Cold Overton Road, but is relevant to every resident who has or had need to cross the A606 at the existing crossing point near Burley Road junction. If that applies to you, then you should feel free to respond, irrespective of where you live in the village

UPDATE: With the help of our RC Councillor Oliver Hemsley we are hoping to extend the survey to the whole of Langham. Look out for it dropping through your door early in the new year. This may be our one and only chance to get a light controlled crossing on the A606 so if you get a survey please take a few minutes to fill it in and return it to RCC.

The volunteers of Munday's Close Working Group (MCWG) will be planting an Oak Tree in the Munday's Close wildlife area around 10:30am on Saturday 30th November as part of the Woodland Trust Big Climate Fightback. All Langham residents are invited to come along and show their support.
The Big Climate Fightback is a campaign to get one million people to join the fight against climate change by pledging to plant a tree by Saturday 30 November 2019. https://campaigns.woodlandtrust.org.uk/page/46713/data/1
RCC have now received a planning application for a Solar Farm to be built on the land at Ranksborough Farm. The planning application can be found here Solar Farm Planning Application

The deadline for responses from members of the public has been extended to 6th January 2020 at the request of Langham Parish Council.

Its that time of year again! time to check our boundary trees and hedges do not impede the passage of pedestrians or vehicles on our village paths and roads. Please check and if necessary get your secateurs or loppers out or even a spade to clear the brash that is spreading over the path outside your home. Some of you may receive a letter from the Parish Council asking you to trim a hedge or cut back some branches – please accept them, as they are intended, as helpful prompt about an odd job that needs doing to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles around the village.